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How the hell does a broken heart

get back together when it's torn apart?

My name is Amanda Whitehead. I am married to Michael, and we have four children: Rachel, Maddy, Eli, and Ruby. We live at NAS Jacksonville, where my husband is currently stationed for the next 5 years (possibly more!)

I am a cloth diaper user. My favorite brand, hands down, is goodmama (www.thegoodmama.com). I highly recommend cloth diapers- they are environmentally friendly, adorable, and they DO save you money in the long run. It is SOOO nice not having to run to the store at night for diapers! We have all we need right here, and fresh diapers are a laundry load away.

I currently work from home as a graphic designer/web designer/web administrator. Right now I work mostly for thegoodmama.com but I do occasionally take on other projects. I am completely self taught- but the good thing about that is if you ask me to do something I don't know how to do- give me a week (or two) and I'll figure it out.

My journal is friends only, for personal reasons. This journal is old, I've kept it up for YEARS, and there were times in my life that I didn't always make the best choices, and I blogged about it. I don't mind if you are truly an open-minded person and you want to be my friend, granting access to my entries, but I don't want random people stopping by and leaving malicious comments, and there are a few people that I know personally who have visited my journal for that sole purpose, hence now it is guarded.

Anyway, if you want to be a friend, just speak up! I'll check you out, and probably add you :).

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